Expense advances in times of pandemic

June 15, 2021

2020 produced a great change an integration to technology and IT in all companies, since they learned to work from home, make administrative processes more computerized and reduce the use of paper, although it was a year of downs, we can say that it has their ups, teaching large and small companies to work digitally.

For this reason, we want to show you how you can incorporate the digital transformation to your company and your expense advances, so that through simple functions you can enhance the workflow with technology that streamlines this administrative activity.

But how is possible that they can be automated?

Well, I will start with the development of the concept of advances.

However, we know that an advance is to request an economic resource in advance, this same concept can be used in the subject to be developed, only that, in this case the internal client requires an amount of money for a future purchase for the benefit of the company.

Now, when we talk about “expense advances”, a complex or time-consuming job may come to mind, that is why we have automated this step, offering a robust solution that allows us to forget about manual processes.

To do this, it used to be common for Luci, from the sales area, to fill out a form where she will request money for her medical visit in any city, then she will ask for $18USD for food, $21USD for gasoline, $60USD for lodging and $20USD extra, just in case; Then she will take her request to Raúl, her approver will ask her to leave her request on the desk because he has a lot of work and as the days go by, both the approver lost the request and the saleswoman her appointment with an important doctor.

This situation has been heard several times, so returning to the initial question, I will tell you how Luci and Raúl will improve their workflow as fast as Edivolt is. Luci will fill in the fields corresponding to expenses, will justify the extra money requested and will send an email to Raúl of the request with the details of the expenses, Raúl will be able to review it on any device and accept the expense advance, he will also have the security that his worker is requiring an advance adhering to company policies.

While all this was happening, Edivolt automatically calculated the expenses of the requested days, valid for compliance with internal policies and send the request to all approvers with just one click.

In Edivolt, we have the Edivolt Expenses tool which allows to manage everything from advances to expense reports, petty cash, card integration, among others. To learn more, request a demo.